What we do

What we do

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) is the peak industry body representing companies with interests in the South Australian minerals, energy, extractive, and oil & gas sectors, including those who provide services to these companies.

Minerals are South Australia's largest export group; oil & gas has a 50 year history in SA, contributing significantly to the State's economy and jobs. SACOME has grown hand-in-hand with SA's resources industry for almost forty years, supporting its growth in a sustainable manner alongside SA's other valuable industries.

SACOME was founded in 1979; we are a small, dedicated team serving the needs of approximately 200 member organisations. We are governed by a council that oversees organisational priorities and policy direction and are guided by many committees that focus on specific aspects of the sector.

SACOME positions itself front and centre on the issues that will not only deliver a profitable and sustainable resources sector, but drive growth and productivity to the SA economy.

There is a need to continually evolve and innovate as the sector faces new challenges and opportunities. SACOME values the relationships with all members, stakeholders and the community, and understands the importance of collaborating to achieve growth and realise benefits.

SACOME will help create value for each of our members and recognise the importance of strengthening our relationships. We will achieve this through building a broader and deeper understanding of members’ companies and objectives to better service their needs. We will create partnerships with our members to enable improved effectiveness, and will continually improve processes, services and communications with members for optimal engagement.

As the peak body, SACOME will engage with all levels of government to support and enable future growth of the resources sector. We will advocate for Government policies and legislation that promote the growth and sustainability of the SA resources sector. SACOME will continue to work with Government to identify opportunities for Government engagement in key multi-user infrastructure, and will assist Government in assessing, identifying proposing best practice initiatives to attract investment.

SACOME will also build support within the SA community for the resources sector, through improving awareness of the economic and social role played by the resources sector through influencing community leaders and the media. We will also increase the understanding of the role and benefits of mined minerals and petroleum and these industries in SA amongst our youth, and will work to prevent and respond to misinformation about the resources sector.