Economic development

The South Australian mining and oil & gas industries contribute substantially to state and national economies. Minerals is South Australia's biggest export group, with oil & gas also playing a significant role in employment, the growth and development of service industries, and contributions to revenues for many decades.

Q&A With Mayor Eleanor Scholz, Wudinna Eyre Peninsula: What do you think are some of the benefits of having mining in the back yard?

An opportunity to increase our declining district population, which is important to maintain and grow our local services and business. The Eyre Peninsula would benefit from an alternate long term industry. Our Council Community plan has an objective of seeking another industry to support growth and development for our region, along with creating local career opportunities. We would hope to see increased patronage of our existing businesses and recreational entities, job and training opportunities, improved infrastructure such as roads, rail and airport. It would give people local employment options and career paths – not just in mining but in a variety of support services.

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The resources industry is a significant employer, with direct mining roles alone providing over 2% of the nation’s jobs. Mining and energy projects vary in size but generally employ hundreds of people in their construction, and hundreds in on going operational work. Local employment is preferred and reflects lower costs for companies while enabling them to engage with, and additionally benefit, their local communities.

Flow on jobs and opportunities

Direct work with mining or energy companies or their contractors is only part of the story. Through increased populations and service requirements to support resource projects, a large number of business opportunities are presented including opportunities for existing businesses to grow and new businesses to establish. Jobs are created to service these, and in every other sector affected by the increase in population and activity. 


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Quality infrastructure is critical to the economic wellbeing of regions and the State as a whole. Mining and energy companies use road, rail, pipeline and sea to transport their products which is usually funded by the industry with benefits often shared by the local community. Other improvements primarily funded by resources companies that benefit communities directly include new and upgraded local roads, bridges, water infrastructure, power infrastructure and information technology infrastructure.  

Contribution to the broader economy

All mining and energy companies pay substantial royalties and taxes at State and Federal level. Together with the economic impact a project has on its local community, these funds form a substantial contribution to state and national funding. Minerals are South Australia’s largest export group and oil & gas is a major domestic (and increasingly export) industry. These industries are pillars of our economy and play a critical role in the quality of life we expect, the services we enjoy and the availability of government funding.