Industry initiatives

The South Australian resources industry is committed to advancing opportunities for Indigenous South Australians, well beyond the scope of contracted benefits and agreements with traditional owners. This may be facilitated through a Native Title agreement such as an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA - structured to bring benefits to local Aboriginal communities) or through initiatives to employ and train Aboriginal people residing near their operations, or improve health and educational outcomes.

Companies often fund Indigenous initiatives, such as the massive $17.5 million BHP Billiton granted to the Art Gallery of South Australia in 2016 to run the national Indigenous arts festival, Tarnanthi, for five years. Other initiatives of the mining and petroleum industry include pre-employment and employment training courses, use of Aboriginal contractors, collaborations with external bodies to provide better opportunities for Indigenous people, educational scholarships and sponsorship of local community events and initiatives.

Intract Indigenous Contractors (above), based out of Dry Creek, was launched in 2010 through a unique partnership between SA’s Aboriginal Foundation and industry to provide opportunities for Aboriginal people, chiefly through the resources sector. Its evolving journey has brought diversification and growth into other states and industries, demonstrating the social benefits of commercial achievement.