Sealing the Strzelecki

SACOME has been lobbying for several years for sealing of the Strzelecki track. This has been a major topic for our Petroleum Committee, a key discussion point with government, and on our list of election priorities for some time.

Sealing this critical - and only - route via South Australia into the world class Cooper Basin is essential to maximise opportunities for South Australian contractors, companies and to enable timely and efficient access by exploration and production companies into the area from this State. We have completed our first round of testing with petroleum members of industry modelling to establish the costs and benefits to the industry of sealing the Strzelecki. This has identified further refinement, which will undergo further testing before we present to the State Government in support of a business case, to help progress the project with Infrastructure Australia.


Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Unconventional Gas Mining

SACOME recently made a submission to the Senate Select Committee on Unconventional Gas Mining, highlighting South Australia's exemplary environmental and safety track record, including that the co-existence of petroleum exploration and production activities with other land uses have had no impact on on the "clean, green" image of South Australia's primary production. View the submission.


Inquiry into hydraulic fracture stimulation

SACOME made a submission to the Inquiry into the potential impacts of hydraulic fracture stimulation in the South East of South Australia in March 2015, and have provided subsequent input to the Inquiry. 

View the submission