Community Development

Community development

The resources sector has built South Australia's economy since European settlement, enabling the city of Adelaide and many regional communities to develop and prosper. The sector remains South Australia's largest export industry, providing revenue through royalty payments, taxes, facilitating business activity and providing or enabling numerous other benefits and indirect business opportunities. In modern times, the resources sector delivers even greater benefits as companies support and develop the communities in which they operate.

Below: The Glen Osmond Mines are now a heritage landmark on walking trails around Adelaide's foothills, but in the 1840s they included Australia's first metalliferous mine, producing silver. These mines operated at a time of immense hardship in South Australia and signalled that the state's recovery would come from mining. Copper mining at Kapunda and Burra followed soon after. Image: Andy Steven


Environmental Development

The resources industry takes responsibility for environmental management and innovation above and beyond what is required by regulation. The South Australian industry aims to be a leader in environmental practices. Native vegetation, natural resource management, heritage issues and rehabilitation are some areas where considerable achievements are being made.

In recent years, company consultation with stakeholders has led to initiatives in South Australia that include recycling of township water for mine operations while addressing the town’s waste water issues, ongoing rehabilitation to ensure continual return of sections of mined land to farming use throughout mine life (rather than at the end of operations), and the recovery and improvement of surrounding land to natural native state -well beyond area's impacted by mining.

Witchelina P1014313 credit Natasha Harper NFSA

Above: The Nature Foundation SA works with resources companies to discharge their native vegetation obligations, such as through the successful rehabilitation of SA's Witchelina Nature Reserve (image courtesy of Natasha Harper.) 

Above: Family camping trips. growing up on an Eyre Peninsula farm and participating in nature oriented initiatives like Trees For Life all helped shape Kara Edmonds' love of nature - a perfect fit for her career at BHP Billiton Olympic Dam. Read more in Resourcing SA.

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Above: Terramin is developing a gold mine in the Adelaide Hills with their first priority the management of natural resources. They planted 2,500 trees in 2015 with another 22,000 being planted in 2016. Read more in Resourcing SA.



Kanmantoo seed 

Above: The Kanmantoo mine in the Adelaide Hills has its own seed collection and propogation program. Its mine site also boasts the largest area of untouched native woodland in the Adelaide Hills. Read more in Resourcing SA