Safety is the Number One priority for the South Australian mining and energy sector. SACOME implements practical approaches and promotes initiatives to build capacity and skills in Work Health & Safety. 

WH&S regulation in SA

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SafeWork SA, the South Australian work health and safety regulator, is responsible for providing work health and safety, public safety and state-based industrial relations services across South Australia.

Free mobile advisory service

The regulator also has a free mobile advisory service available to all South Australian workplaces. Advisors are able to visit workplaces to help understand specific work health and safety responsibilities and provide practical support to improve systems, practices and general approaches to safety.

Reporting incidents

To report an incident to SafeWork SA, call 1800 777 209 – this line operates 24/7 with on-call inspectors available after hours – or email/fax the Notifiable Incident Report Form. It is a legal requirement to notify SafeWork SA of any serious injuries or illnesses, dangerous incidents or deaths that occur at work immediately after becoming aware that an incident has occurred.

For information, advice and support on work health and safety, or to speak to a SafeWork SA advisor, contact the Customer Service Centre on 1300 365 255 or visit the SafeWork website for more information.

The Mining and Quarrying Occupational Health and Safety Committee (MAQOHSC)

The Mining and Quarrying Occupational Health and Safety Committee ('MAQOHSC') aims to promote high work health and safety standards to prevent injury and disease within the mining and quarrying industries of South Australia. The Committee was established under the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act, 1986 and continues existence under the Work Health & Safety Act 2012 (SA).

MAQOHSC proactively communicates and engages with stakeholders promoting best practice in safety and hygiene with the aim to prevent injury, disease and occupational related dust diseases within the South Australian mining and quarrying industry. MAQOHSC provide free technical advice and workplace services that include legislative compliant best practice safety guides, industry specific workplace assessment and self-audit tools, educational information sessions, safety workshops with guidance material to ensure an increase in workplace safety standards and all workers achieve greater workplace awareness and safety knowledge.

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Certificate IV in Work, Health and Safety - fully funded

The Mining & Quarrying Occupational Health & Safety Committee is offering fully funded training for Certificate IV in Work, Health and Safety. High quality skills at certificate level is widely acknowledged as integral to creating workplace safety knowledge, which assists to maintain workplace safety standards and creates a stronger South Australia’s workforce. More information.

CBH Resources dominates wins at spectacular SA Mines Rescue competition

CBH Resources of Broken Hill has taken out the sixth SA Mines Emergency Response Competition which was held in Broken Hill over the weekend 29th to 30th August, 2015.

Claiming the Skills, Breathing Apparatus and Best Captain categories, CBH Resources proved to be the best overall team, displaying a high level of skill and expertise to ensure their victory.

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SA Mines Emergency Response Competition

SACOME has hosted the South Australian Emergency Response competition in collaboration with our member volunteers and sponsors for five years. The goal of the two day event is to promote and continuously improve resources sector workplace safety skills, with the added benefit of relationship building - and some friendly industry rivaly.

Previous event locations have included Prominent Hill and Brukunga in the Adelaide Hills. The 2015 event will be held in August at Broken Hill. For safety reasons the event is closed to the public, but information from the event  together with the expected fantastic images of fire fighting, colleague rescue and other accident senarios will be distributed to SACOME members after the event.

Mining & Exploration WHS quarterly reporting data tool

From 1 January 2015 mine operators were required to submit into the online National Mine Safety Database (NMSD), quarterly work health and safety statistical reports addressing criteria specified in Schedule 24, of the WHS Regulations.

MAQOHSC continues to support and assist the mining and quarrying industries by developing an improved version Quarterly Reporting Data Tool for the 2015 – 2016 financial year for Mine Operators to record this data. To download the tool, visit the MAQOHSC website.

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New WHS Laws

The passing of the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) (WHS Act) follows months of contested debate amongst politicians and key stakeholders. The new legislative regime will replace the current Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act 1986 on 1 January 2013. The WHS Act brings with it a number of key changes to SA’s OHS legislative landscape. In order to secure the Bill’s recent passage through Parliament, several amendments were made to SA’s version of the Act.

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Mining Family Matters

Mining Family Matters is a national support site for mining families with strong support from the mining industry. The site provides helpful advice and information on a variety of important topics to support the wellbeing of our mining and petroleum workforce, including mental health, financial information, FIFO and reloaction and more.