Uranium & nuclear

Nuclear technology has advanced in recent decades and is used safely in over 30 countries around the globe, well recognised as a reliable, scalable, low emission energy source.

South Australia has been involved in the nuclear fuel cycle through the mining of uranium for decades. The state’s regulator and uranium industry is trusted and respected around the globe, our skills in handling and transporting the material are well established and South Australia is globally situated in the strongest region of nuclear growth.

Nuclear power is one of the safest energy options available and currently supplies around 10 per cent of the world’s electricity, including three-quarters of France’s (the country with the lowest CO2 emissions per GDP).
Today, nuclear power is well established with over 436 operable reactors across the globe and long term solutions for the safe, secure storage of spent fuel.

The recent Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle has paved the way for renewed nuclear discussions in Australia and outstanding opportunity for South Australia, particularly in the storage of spent fuel. It is imperative that decisions on the future role the State may play are based on a thorough understanding of the science and facts of modern nuclear energy.

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