What does the disposal of high level nuclear waste involve? Lawyer Kyra Reznikov travelled to Finland, France and the UK to find out just what South Australians show be considering. Read the story in Resourcing SA.

South Australia's Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

The South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission, concluded in May 2016, was a comprehensive investigation incorporating over 400 public submissions and interviews with 132 expert witnesses including 41 global specialists.

The Commission suggested, among other recommendations, that the South Australian Government pursue the opportunity to establish used nuclear fuel and intermediate level waste storage and disposal facilities in South Australia. Read the report.

High level radioactive material must be carefully managed, however there are many myths around the storage of spent fuel. It is important that the science is distinguished from the fiction to enable appropriate regulation, handling and management.

Read the story in Resourcing SA.

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