Lunch Series: Tom Koutsantonis & Martin Hamilton-Smith

The last SACOME lunch of 2013 featuring the State Minister and Shadow Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy was a not to be missed event, giving guests insight into the policy approaches of the two main political parties in the lead up to the State Election.  

Over 400 guests attended the Christmas-themed event at the Adelaide Convention Centre on December 12, with Shadow Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith addressing the attentive crowd first, announcing a pledge to address the much-needed port if Liberals win government. He also promised cooperation and a fair approach to land use, saying mining, farming and defence can co-exist.

Minister Tom Koutsantonis followed with a passionate speech focusing on land access and the need to keep anti-mining campaigns out of South Australia to secure a safe mining future. He also spruiked the Government’s proactive approach to growing the industry over the last 12 years, through initiatives like the PACE program.

The event concluded with the two taking questions from the audience on a range of issues, including the possibility of nuclear power in Australia and disagreements on the way to approach the industry’s infrastructure issues.

SACOME thanks our annual sponsors and event sponsor, FMG Engineering