Nuclear waste disposal seminar

SACOME held a free seminar for members interested in learning more about what may be involved in developing a high level nuclear waste facility in South Australia. Kyra's presentation featured photos from site visits to nuclear waste facilities in Finland and France, and focused on what high level nuclear waste repositories look like, where they are located, how the waste is transported and handled and how safety and environmental risks are addressed.

A panel discussion featuring experts on the environmental, regulatory and practical aspects of managing radioactive substances followed including an insightful Q&A session.

Presentation & panel discussion:

  • Kyra Reznikov, Finlaysons

Kyra Reznikov recently took part in a study tour to nuclear sites in Finland, France and the UK. Organised by the Committee for Adelaide, the tour investigated critical aspects for South Australians considering the potential disposal of spent nuclear fuel in SA, including safety, image and impact on existing industries.

Panel discussion:

  • Mark Chalmers, Uranium Associates

Mark has extensive experience in the Australian and global uranium mining and processing industries. He is the current Chair of the Australian Uranium Council and has worked in a variety of executive roles, including as Executive General Manager of Production for Paladin Energy, and consulted to some of the world's largest uranium players. Mark will soon commence his new role of Chief Operating Officer for Energy Fuels - one of the leading producers of uranium in the US.

  • Lachlan Wilkinson, JBS&G

Lachlan is a Certified Environmental Practitioner and Impact Assessment Specialist with over 30 years’ experience in Australia and overseas. In previous roles he has worked for government managing environmental assessments, including for the Olympic Dam mine and nuclear regulatory aspects at Lucas Heights - including the decommissioning of an early reactor and construction of an intermediate radioactive waste storage facility.

  • John Phalen, Department of the Premier & Cabinet - Nuclear Consultation Team