SACOME regularly reviews the infrastructure priorities of our mining and petroleum industry, and is committed to lobbying both State and Federal Government to find innovative funding arrangements for developing the infrastructure needed by our industry.

In South Australia there is a need for both logistical and utility infrastructure, with a lack of capital capacity amongst junior mining companies meaning we have a market failure for the key infrastructure needed to develop these projects.

SACOME's current infrastructure priorities, as determined by consultation with members, our committees and our Council, are:

  • A cape-size port for bulk commodity export in the Spencer Gulf to serve the region's emerging iron ore industry
  • Upgrade to a 275kV transmission line along the Eastern flank of the Eyre Peninsula
  • Sealing of the Strzelecki track to access the Cooper Basin.

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SA Regional Mining & Infrastructure Plan & Taskforce

At a SACOME lunch in June 2014, the South Australian Minister for Transport and Infrastructure released the South Australian Regional Mining and Infrastructure Plan (RMIP) which included the establishment of a Resources Infrastructure Taskforce announcement.

The RMIP predicts a medium growth forecast with mining sector production likely to rise from an average of 15million tonnes from 2013 – 2017 to average 95 million tonnes between 2023 – 2032. The report found that existing infrastructure is not adequate to accommodate the growth of production and infrastructure challenges are likely to be particularly acute for high volume commodities such as iron ore. The Resources Infrastructure Taskforce will work with industry and proponents to facilitate investment in, and development of, infrastructure to enable mining companies to export the product volumes forecast.

The report committed to the preparation of a business case within twelve months for facilitation of a port solution within three years. The Taskforce will work through a Steering Committee comprising industry representatives including one from RESIC (the Resources & Energy Sector Infrastructure Council, formed following a SACOME recommendation in 2007).

SACOME will monitor and lobby government to ensure there is adequate progress as planned against the RMIP to meet the needs of our industry.