Natural Resource Management Plan

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural resources released a review of the State Natural Resources Management Plan in March 2017.

When the State Natural Resources Management (‘NRM’) Plan was last reviewed in 2011, SACOME supported the proposed vision and goals in the Plan as they recognised that the inter-relationship of social, economic and environmental factors was intrinsic to achieving good outcomes. SACOME continues to hold this view in relation to the current review of the State NRM Plan.

SACOME made the following comments;

  1. The draft recommendations are positive in their intent for an amended State NRM Plan and go towards addressing the limitations SACOME has previously highlighted in the current Plan. SACOME has identified a number of additional matters that should be addressed in a future plan.
  2. The regional empowerment intent of the original legislation and the preceding system has been lost.
  3. There is a fundamental failure of the current funding model in South Australia. Unless there is the resolve by Government and the NRM system to make the decisions necessary to address the inequitable and unsustainable funding model for NRM, then the disparities between regions will continue and the capacity for smaller regions will remain curtailed.


Read the full submission here.