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Vic fraccing legislation sets a dangerous precedent

The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) says legislation introduced in Victoria’s state parliament to ban onshore gas development including hydraulic fracturing, is poor policy and reflects decision making based on politics rather than science.

While the legislation is limited to Victorian activities, the decision sends a dangerous message globally which is inconsistent with the strong safety record and scientific facts of gas exploration and development technology and practices.

Rebecca Knol, CEO of the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy said “This legislation ignores the facts, science and over 40 years of demonstrated safe use of hydraulic fracturing technology in Australia, without impact on aquifers, or on the reputation and brand of agriculture.”

Numerous parliamentary and independent inquires have confirmed that the use of hydraulic fracturing is safe when managed according to global industry standards.

The technology in Australia is subject to strong risk based regulation and has been used successfully in the Cooper Basin for decades to advance the oil & gas industry, a key economic sector in South Australia and one that has provided substantial royalties and benefits to communities over many years. The Cooper Basin also maintains a world class reputation for organic beef, a shared land use with oil & gas production.

South Australia is globally renowned as a leader in world class regulation of the oil & gas industry.

Ms Knol said “Ill-informed public comments by leaders and deliberate fear campaigning by activists - not the oil & gas industry or technology – is what will damage the brand and reputation of agriculture in Australia.”

“Other jurisdictions need to look at the leadership of South Australia for basing good policy on science. Policy decisions motivated purely by politics are harmful to Australia and pose a threat to all industries.”

“Global energy demand is growing at an accelerating pace and while renewable energy is an expanding part of the energy mix, gas will continue to play a critical role in the transition to a low carbon economy.” Ms Knol said.

"The Australian petroleum industry has an excellent track record of safely extracting oil & gas for significant economic benefit under one of the best practice regulatory systems in the world. Furthermore, new technology and learnings continue to make the industry safer for people and the environment.”

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