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Women in Resources South Australia (WinRSA) and Women in Mining Network South Australia (WIMnetSA) have again joined forces for the 2017 joint mentoring program for 2017. 


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Women in Resources SA (WinRSA)/Women in Mining Network South Australia (WIMnetSA) hosted a joint networking event to celebrate the end of the 2016 Mentoring Program on Friday, 18 November 2016 from 4:30pm.  This was followed by our end of year/start of the Christmas season celebrations from 5:30pm.

The event was held at the Tattersalls Room @ Harry’s Bar in Grenfell Street on a warm Spring evening.

Our guest speaker, Katrina Webb spoke about mentoring and leadership as well as sharing her experiences of her recent trek to Mount Everest Base Camp (to raise money for Childreach Nepal supported by the Crows Children's Foundation).  Katrina also brought along her Gold medal (Atlanta Paralympics) and her Silver and Bronze medals (Sydney Paralympics) and passed them around for us all to hold.

Follow Katrina on Twitter @KatrinaLWebb

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 DSC 3046

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Jo Barron-Perry (Mentee), Tom Burnett (WinRSA Committee) and Matt Hart (Mentor)

DSC 2983

Leslie Mellon (Mentor) and Alison Currie (Mentor)

DSC 2986

Michelle McMahon (Mentee) and Suresh Sakar (Mentor)

DSC 2988

Jess Wrigley (Mentee), Ying Luo (Mentor) and Tess O'Leary (Mentee)

DSC 2989

Antonia Scrase (WinRSA Committee and Mentee), Christiane Brendel (Mentor) and Lucy McEwen (WinRSA Committee Chair)

DSC 2992

Cathy Frost (Mentor) and Bronwyn Camac (WinRSA Committee)

DSC 3026

Nicole Galloway Warland (Mentee), Kyra Reznikov (WinRSA Committee), Melissa Muller (WinRSA Committee) and Janny Spilsbury-Schakel (Mentor and WinRSA Committee Deputy Chair)

DSC 3065

Kate Hobbs (WIMnetSA Chair), Katrina Webb and Lucy McEwen (WinRSA Committee Chair)


winrsa wimnet mentoring web banner

An exclusive invitation only mentoring graduation (2015 pilot program) and launch (2016 program) was held at PwC on Tuesday, 3 May 2016.

The event was a combination of the end of program celebration for the 2015 pilot program as well as the launch of the 2016 program.  New Mentors and Mentees were introduced to each other as well as others on the program, in an informal setting to commence building relationships.

Around 50 attendees heard about the mentoring relationship from two of the 2015 pilot program match ups:

Greg Hall and Jacqui Rose

Nannette Anderson and Kate Hobbs

Some photos from the event: 

DSC 0413

Jacqui Rose and Greg Hall

DSC 0414

Kate Hobbs, Matt Hart and Jo Barron-Perry

DSC 0416

Vanessa De Chellis, Ying Luo and Peter Cleary 

 DSC 0422

 Kristy Hasting and Louise Ham

DSC 0419

DSC 0420

DSC 0428

DSC 0430Julian McCarthy from PwC opening the event



Women in Resources SA (WinRSA) Boardroom Lunch event

The Boardroom Lunch held on Monday, 10 October 2016 at Finlayson's was booked out.

Our guest speaker at the event was Jacqui McGill.  

Jacqui's topic for this event was Finding a voice as a female leader in a traditionally male-dominated sector.  Jacqui spoke about her journey to her current role as Asset President of Olympic Dam for BHP Billiton.  Jacqui is a truly inspiring and highly respected leader who continues to proudly champion gender diversity at the leadership level within BHP Billiton. She has made a real difference for aspiring women in a sector which is traditionally male-dominated.

Jacqui McGill

Download Jacqui's suggested reading list here

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"Why diversity matters - the bottom line impact" professional development and networking event

A professional development and networking evening was held at Santos Limited on Tuesday, 22 March 2016.  The event featuring Anthony Bowman, General Manager, Fyfe (Queensland), who presented on his paper; "Why diversity matters - the bottom line impact". Guests also heard from a panel of 2015 SA Women in Resources Award winners, who shared their experience working as women in the resources industry.


Anthony Bowman is the General Manager of Fyfe Pty Ltd in Queensland.

He has more than 20 years’ experience in engineering and management both in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. Reporting directly to the Managing Director, Anthony is responsible for driving business growth for Fyfe in Queensland.

Prior to joining Fyfe, Anthony held executive management and senior project roles within the global engineering services firm Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd (KBR). With postgraduate qualifications in both engineering and finance, Anthony has provided business management and operational leadership to large project delivery teams including managing the Bankable Feasibility Study for the proposed $16B Adani Carmichael Coal Mine in Queensland.

Anthony has overseen major projects in the water, transport, minerals, oil and gas, environment and buildings areas.

Anthony presented a paper entitled "Why diversity matters - the bottom line impact" at the APGA Conference on the Gold Coast in October 2015. He will give us an overview of his presentation.

Read more: Why diversity matters